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I played the Vita version for about an hour just now and noticed some minor things I hadn't seen mentioned online. No spoilers, just some general gameplay stuff to build HYPE.

  • Three save slots, each can host a number of customized adventurers. Loot and money is shared and you can change characters at the tavern, but character and story progression is separate.
  • The story interlude / tutorial is skippable, at least after playing through it with one character. You might want to try out everyone's unique moves anyway, though.
  • At least the Elf and Wizard can chain their two jumps and dodge in any way you want, meaning you can midair dodge between jumps, dodge into a double jump or change direction midair twice.
  • Down + jump after using up all your jumps dashes you back to the ground super fast.
  • Rannie serves as a combo test dummy in town, he starts blinking invincibility after a while so I think he's about as comboable as your average grunt.
  • You can teleport to any location in town but you'll miss out on the wonderful flute music.
  • You can appraise items right after a mission and sell everything on the spot if there's nothing interesting.
  • Dash-attack either by pressing a button while running or keep the button pressed, start moving and let go. Meaning you can dash without double-tapping.
  • D-pad and left stick functions are interchangeable.
  • I just got thrown in jail for kicking a pedestrian too much.
  • You'll keep running in the next screen if you run into a screen transition.
  • Equipped weapons look different on the field, not just in menus. Must have been a nightmare to animate them all.
  • Changing the narrator's language changes the voices of all NPCs. The English guy is great and the narration gives the game a nice pen & paper RPG feel.

Combat overall feels tight and freeform, you can jump and dash out of pretty much anything and with the exception of some specific moves you aren't committing to lengthy animations. Like the polar opposite of Vanillaware's previous games, it's pretty damn satisfying.

The paper and print quality of the hardcover artbook isn't that great, hopefully they'll step their game up with the NA run. Either way, there's a huge Amazon ass by a guest artist and probably all of the food you'll be able to cook in the game to look forward to.

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