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Does anyone know of a site that has an armor and weapons loot table up for Dark Arisen yet? So far the armor and weapons I have found are few and far between, and to be quite honest, not very impressive (visually). I keeping my hopes up that there is actually some good looking, worth using stuff besides the hundreds of rings that Dark Arisen has to offer. Any information or screen shots is much appreciated!

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Got some good mid-late game gear at my level 20's just from accidentally stumbling in there while on a escort.

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@switchb1ade: Most of the Dark Arisen specific gear is gotten through purifying cursed items. You'll find items that are cursed that you take to Olgra near the pier and she will purify for you by spending Rift Crystals. What items you get are entirely random. A level 3 cursed Armor item will give you a armor piece guaranteed but what piece from what set is random. The actual acquisition of the cursed items is random itself as with a lot of items gotten via chests.

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@demoskinos: Do you mean random like "1 out of 4 items" that you can reload to get or actually random?

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@fredchuckdave: Its a percentage just like the loot chests in the ever fall Most of the high end gear there has around a 2% drop while you have a much larger chance to get some random potion or a wake stoke. People do what is called "Gods Bane Farming" and use the gods bane to kill themselves before you get to the proper spot to do so which results in a instant retry allowing you to reload an area and keep basically rolling the dice to try to get the chest to give you the item you want.

So yes, there is a set table of items for each specific chest but what item you get out of that is random so you can reload and try to get what you want out of a particular chest.

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@demoskinos: When people think of random loot they think of something like Diablo where you can get literally anything from any monster; a fixed percentage drop is more just something that you farm incessantly until you realize how marginal the upgrade is and how little time it is worth (most Everfall stuff). It's not random in the traditional sense because you go to a specific place to farm it (in some cases one specific chest requiring you to restart the game 50 times or stab yourself, a riveting experience to be sure), much like you would in an MMO (and Dragon's Dogma is essentially a single player MMO); while there is some degree of "farming" in Diablo clones usually that's more along the lines of how fast can you kill stuff and what's the difficulty relative to how many pieces of loot you get.

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@fredchuckdave: Yeah, I'm fully aware its not true randomness. Its still random within the allotted loot that spawns in a specific chest however.

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