How's the framerate on PS3?

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This game interests me and though I prefer to do most of my gaming on PC, I've mostly given up hope of ever seeing a PC port and I was planning to play on pad anyway so buying the console version doesn't really bother me all that much. (For me, "console" means "PS3" since I don't presently own an Xbox 360.) However, concerns over framerates (and stories I heard about performance in the original Dragon's Dogma) have kept me from dropping money on this just yet.

Also, just my experience, numbers (even estimates) are generally much more helpful than words like "smooth" or "not noticeable" because these words mean different things for different people; for some people 45 FPS is "noticeably stutterish" while other people would describe that same experience as "silky smooth." That being said, I am speaking from the perspective of a PC gamer who is used to getting 60 FPS on everything. (I am the kind of person who would rather play on min settings with 60 FPS than medium settings with 40-50 FPS.) That being said, I've also gotten used to having more variable framerates; I played Red Dead Redemption on PS3 and while it certainly wasn't ideal, I managed.

Also, when reporting framerates numerically, expressing them as a range is preferred, as framerates tend to be variable; my experience has been that "30 FPS" sometimes means "30 FPS when staring at a blank wall, 15-20 FPS in combat when things start getting heated." (I had this problem with Demon's Souls; the game became a slideshow in certain areas when fire was involved.)

So, anyway. Is there anything about the performance on the PS3 version of this game that would prevent me from enjoying the combat and such? I've also heard reports that the PSN version is more stable in terms of performance than the disc version, and while I'm not entirely keen on the idea of paying an extra $7 for a version of the game that is tied to a single account, I'm willing to pay extra if it means better performance. So any comments on this would be helpful.

Thanks to anyone who's able to provide input regarding this.

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Wow, I wanna know about this too. I hate low framerate and the original on PS3 is unplayable because of that.

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