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I'm level 21 now, and I feel like I don't quite understand the whole pawn thing yet. Everytime I find a rift stone, and I've gained a couple of levels, I'll replace my pawns with new pawns. I'm always summoning pawns of equal level to my own, though the game always tries to push ridiculously overpowered pawns on me, that are at like triple my current level. Naturally I assume that's not the right thing to do.

On the other hand, I'm gathering some kind of currency, which some pawns require as payment for their services. However, most don't. Even those that are way higher level than me. This wierds me out. I don't quite know what's expected of me. Especially since every now and then, there's just ludicrously slow to kill monsters, that I'm wittling down in what feels like an eternity.

  • Am I meant to hire much higher level pawns than myself? The stronger the better?
  • Is there any downsides to such a thing?
  • Is that the way its meant to be played, or are the über-pawns that are working for free a bug?

Any feedback is much appreciated.

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You do not have to pay a fee if the people are on your friends list. And hiring high level pawns just makes the game easier at points.

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The best I can tell, those much higher-level "free" pawns are from your friends list. At least, that's what I've come to believe. There really isn't any penalty to hiring one of them, unless you don't want to make your game a bit easier with one. I managed to get a free 100 pawn my first time through, and it definitely lessened the challenge a bit. My second playthrough, I avoided them, even when they were offered.

So, no penalties, unless you are too prideful to accept the help. I do suggest hiring them a bit higher than your level when you can afford it, if only to minimize the number of times you have to switch them out.

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