Coming to Switch April 23rd

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#1 Posted by Puchiko (828 posts) -

Really want to buy this for the 6th time but having played the PS4 remaster and PC version its going to hard going back to PS3 level graphics...

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#2 Posted by Casepb (541 posts) -

This would be a cool portable game. Wondering how good it will look though. Hey as long as it doesn't have the PS3 frame rate of 10fps it will be doing way better than the PS3 version lol.

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#3 Posted by Puchiko (828 posts) -

@casepb: Memories of using Ricochet Hunter on Bitterblack Isle nearly kiling my OG Phat PS3....

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#4 Posted by MocBucket62 (2479 posts) -

My birthday just got more packed with this and MK 11 both coming to Switch. Nice thanks Capcom!

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#5 Posted by cmblasko (2883 posts) -

Hope it sells lots of copies and we get a sequel.

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#6 Posted by nicksmi56 (826 posts) -

Never played this, but it's basically a mix of Monster Hunter and Shadow of the Colossus, right?

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#7 Edited by Puchiko (828 posts) -

@nicksmi56: Nah its more like Skyrim (deep quests and NPC interaction) mixed with Kingdoms of Amular (fast fluid 3rd person combat). The monsters you encounter aren't that big as MHW or SotC.

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