Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen coming to Xbox One/PS4 October 3rd

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Who's planning on getting it? I suppose it's the same as the PC version, there's been no talk of any additional content. I already beat it tons of times on 360 so I'm not sure if I'm gonna pick it up again. I was sort of hoping the PC sales would lead Capcom to just make a sequel already. Like the trailer says, it's been five years.

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Awesome, what a great game. For the price conscious, the Steam version is $30 and goes on sale for around $12 every other month or so. I think it's definitely worth it at full price if the PS4/Xbox One version is going to be $30 as well, though.

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I've played it again when they've released it on PC. The great thing about the PC version was that there are a ton of shortcuts available to get around some of the game's more questionable or grindy parts, which was a major factor in me deciding to spend time playing thought the game another time.

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If it's the same as the steam version then no but by all means let's give more people more chances to finally play Dragon's Dogma it rules.

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Eventhough I played through the game for the first time this year, I think i kinda want to play it again.

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Everyone should play Dragon's Dogma, and Dark Arisen is the best version. Fantastic game.

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Seriously man, I've already bought this game three times. I love it but gimme something new Capcom! I've waited 5 years

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I absolutely loved this game and will be picking it up for a third (fourth?) time. I never got around to beating it on the 360. I bought it when it was on sale on Humble Bundle, but because my PC is something like eight years old... (and from what I hear there was a problem with hacked pawns).

This will definitely be one of those games I get digitally, so I can just turn on the XB and hit play without having to worry about what game is in the drive.

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Fuck it. I never did get around to that DLC content.

Fantastic game. Got kind a weird vibe about it too, which is a plus.

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I also will complain about just re releasing this game.

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One of the games in my all time top 10, I'll definitely buy it for the third time(PS3, PC & soon PS4), but probably not day 1 because I already have plenty to play. It's just so much fun. Please give us Dragon's Dogma 2 (not the mmo, a real sequel, please)

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I need to get back into my last PC runthrough and maybe stream the end of the base game at some point. It's pretty bonkers.

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@theht said:

Fuck it. I never did get around to that DLC content.

Fantastic game. Got kind a weird vibe about it too, which is a plus.

The DLC stuff is super difficult compared to the base game. I suppose it's doable but it apparently takes a lot of detailed character planning to be competitive at the max level?

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I wish they would just make a sequel but i guess it must not have sold well? I own it on 2 platforms and although i havent finished it on either i enjoyed my time with it.

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@rorie said:
@theht said:

Fuck it. I never did get around to that DLC content.

Fantastic game. Got kind a weird vibe about it too, which is a plus.

The DLC stuff is super difficult compared to the base game. I suppose it's doable but it apparently takes a lot of detailed character planning to be competitive at the max level?

I didn't find that to be the case when I did it. It's definitely a lot harder than the main game, but I went in blind and managed to overcome it without significant hurdles, from what I remember. The Bitterblack Isle stuff reminded me a lot of Souls style games. It seems kinda crazy at first, but once you have a solid feel for the mechanics of the game it's all doable. You shouldn't need to min/max or anything.

It was probably my favorite part of the whole game. It's definitely the most rewarding in terms of gameplay. Definitely worth doing if you liked the game and never got around to it.

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Any news on if this version has the berserk armour?

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I do think some of those challenges in Bitterblack Isle just seemed impossible. Most enemies? Doable! Those giant prison cyclopses and Death? No way! Not even at my played through the game 5 times-kind of level, most at hard mode. But then, I maxed out every vocation's abilities with the character. It's the least optimized it could be.

The hardest thing I did was the final boss of Bitterblack Isle, I believe just on normal. Daimon's second form that only shows up the second time through. That felt like one hell of an undertaking.

@rorie You should totally do some Load our Last Save-style stuff with that save.

@oursin_360 said:

I wish they would just make a sequel but i guess it must not have sold well?

The opposite seems to be the case, so I have no idea either. https://www.destructoid.com/capcom-is-very-happy-with-how-dragon-s-dogma-is-doing-on-pc-340662.phtml

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@redhotchilimist: I remember the cyclops being a pretty gimmicky fight, but not overly difficult. For death I remember there being some trick to it that made it manageable, but I can't remember what it was for the life of me. Also doesn't he randomly show up throughout the dungeon? I remember only being forced to fight it near the very end. I usually just avoided him until he went away.

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@zeik: I had no idea there was an actual real fight with him. If that's the case, maybe that explains why I did something like 1 damage to him when I tried fighting back a few times. For the giant cyclops I just hid and used spells and think I killed one of them that way, but it took forever. I might just be underleveled. I had a similar experience with the first Ogre you can encounter, in that tunnel. Hid in a room he couldn't enter, pelted him with arrows, took twenty minutes. A few levels later and I'm killing it(and him) no problem. I think that's one of the aspects of the game that's actually pretty frustrating, you deal very little damage to enemies until you suddenly do a lot.

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I wonder how much they are making off re-releasing this game over and over. Probably enough to realize a 2nd game would sell pretty well, right?

Also, the key to beating the dlc is stacking 4 Conqueror's Periapt (I think this is the item, it's been a long time since I played the game). You go from doing almost no damage to a ridiculous amount. I honestly think they made the dlc with those kind of items in mind.

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@redhotchilimist: This all from my very foggy memory, mind you, but I do remember treating him like an obstacle to be avoided early on and didn't actually kill it until very late in the dungeon.

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After the PC release, the only Dragon's Dogma thing I'd ever buy at this point is a sequel.

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@rorie: At the very least I remember it required a pretty high-level character. I was basically grinding playthroughs to get ready for it when something else caught my attention.

I guess that means I'd have to jump right into a grind here, but eh, it's been long enough away from that gameplay; I could be alright with mindlessly climbing on monsters and rushing through the quests.

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@zeik: @redhotchilimist: There are a couple of methods from what I recall that make the Death fight much less of a chore. Mind you it is still definitely kill able normally it's just a slog because of how much HP Death has, how it can one shot you and the fact that it keeps despawning periodically so that you have to keep spawning it to keep fighting. The easiest way that I did it was on my ranger to penta (or deca whatever) shot it with explosive arrows, each explosive arrow does significant damage and has a big stagger stat, so when you shoot like 12 at a time the effect is that Death not only takes massive damage but more importantly you do so much stagger damage that Death falls down at which point you can basically keep it near stunlocked by constantly knocking it down. It's expensive but probably the least effort involving and time consuming method of killing him (at least it was back then).

The gore cyclops is in a similar spot for a ranged character build in that you can plink away at it with arrow shotgun blasts to the eye, it just takes a while (stamina being the biggest limitation) even with good gear, or speed things up with some added explosive shot.

@rorie: It's definitely a significant step up in difficulty and you do need to take your skills and gear a bit more seriously in the DLC then in the base game. But no you don't need an optimized build, just something that makes sense (ie don't be a mage all game and then go in as a tank obv.). Good gear from postgame (pre dlc) dungeon helps but stuff you get in the DLC soon outpaces it anyway. (to be fair some classes/vocations will struggle more then others)

@theht: You really don't need to grind to get started on the DLC, heck you don't even need to slog through the chore that is the Everfall. It makes the going a bit harder at the start but the xp gain and new gear in the DLC itself quickly makes up the gap. Especially if you are going in with one of the more powerful class setups.

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I've only played the original release on the 360, so I'm planning on picking this up to go through a fresh play through of the base game and finally check out the post-game/DLC content. I remember enjoying it quite a lot... despite some quirks, the game has a really cool atmosphere.

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Oh hell yeah. Never played the dlc, but I'm down jump on some monsters again.

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If you can get it on PC that's probably the best version but this is the next best thing.

I know it's not for everyone but I really championed this game hard. It's like Shadownof Mordor, except it actually deserves the praise yet ironically a lot of people passed on it.

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I played the hell outta DD:DA already. The dlc was just ridiculously great. Very Soulsy. Explody multi arrows indeed was my strat on Death as I remember. End boss was harder but not that bad when fully leveled and renting great pawns. Dark Arisen version has the fast travel stones so the tedium of walking everywhere is much reduced. I'll buy it, can't resist, it's one of my all-time favs.

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Great game, I played a bunch before selling my copy to eventually upgrade to the Dark Arisen version on Ps3 but never did, so I'll definitely be picking this up.

I just wish it offered save transfer so I could jump back in with my Rambo/Conan duo...

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@redhotchilimist: Theres videos on youtube explaining how dragons dogma calculates your damage vs an enemies defence, that shit is done in a pretty baffling way for ,what in the first place, feels like an action game.It sometimes made the combat feel really unsatisfying to me.

PS: Not trying to shit on the game, I bet theres people that like the way damage gets calculated in this game/dont care.

Wanted to add something possitive too: I really like the nighttime in Dragons Dogma. Its properly dark AND dangerous, just like I'd immagine it being at night in a fantasy medieval setting.

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Not related to Dark Arisen but I just wanted to chime in on this article about an english fan translation for Dragons Dogma Online which I for one had no idea even existed. The translation that is.

Makes me want to jump in and try it out, since it just seems to be more of Dragon's Dogma, but online. Which is cool. I've heard some stuff about microtransactions and what not. I just want to climb griffins, rock golems and big ass dragons though.

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Loved OG Dragon's Dogma on 360. Mechanically the class specialisation stuff is great, and traversing the open world at night is still legitimately tense and dangerous. The main story isn't revolutionary but the world/lore gets super messed up if you make it through to the end.

Also the B'z track on the splash screen got me so hyped - I was super bummed out when it was replaced with score for Dark Arisen. There's a mod for the PC version to fix that, of course :)

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