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Hey everyone, I have a question about Dragon Forging your equipment. I have done it on the past but it doesn't seem to work now. I have several 3 Star Armor pieces on from my main Pawn Thad that I wasn't to get forged than turn back over to him. The items were equipped during the entire battle and they did not become Dragon Forged. I fought the beast twice within a very short time, I slept for a week in the encampment near by, and yielded the same null results the second time.

I was in both melee combat with him and used magic cannon balls, do I need to be hit by his breath weapon or something?

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Heya, you might wanna post this in the specific game's forum. Good luck!

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What game are you talking about?

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dragon's dogma

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Ah no. Even when an item is 3 star and you kill a "dragon" you still only have like a 15% chance of it being dragon forged. If you kill offline Ur Dragon it is like 30% chance on 3 star though. There are two situations were you are given a 100% chance to dragon forge though regardless of star level.... 1: When you kill the "Dragon" in the Final Battle story mission and.... 2: When you get a killing blow on online Ur Dragon.

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You have to be wearing the items, your pawns' equipment can't be dragon forged.

Edit: Ah, I misread that. Level 3 items have about an 18% chance when fighting wyrms, wyverns, and drakes. 30% chance when fighting offline UR-Dragon, and 100% chance when you beat the last boss or killing the UR-Dragon online.

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What @LikeaSsur: and @Karkarov: said

bonus tip - The game only counts towards dragon forging chance what you are wearing on the killing blow. So you can wear dragon forged gear for the majority of the fight and then swap at the last minute to what you want forged if you want to farm stuff for your pawn.

Not a bad thing to consider when fighting the Ur-dragon.

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I responded via PM, I thought it would post here.

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I've heard some people say that getting hit with the dragon's breath ups your chances to get a forged item. That seems like a load of crap.

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