Ensare might be the my favorite thing in this game so far.

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It's a strider skill that's basically Scorpion's spear.  You shoot four chains into an enemy and yank them towards you. Follow that up with the move where you knock them up in the air, and throw a bomb at them and you have a damn good time on your hands. If you use it on flying enemies, you violently slam them into the ground.

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@Totori: I have my main pawn as a strider. I kinda thought the same thing when I saw her using that skill. Before I logged off just now I had her learn the other skill you mentioned, Toss and Trigger. I'm looking forward to seeing it get used. I'm really enjoying the combat in this game.

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Its useful for sure. I just got the upgraded version of it where you can trip more than one person. Very handy skill for disruption.

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So what your saying is to play a strider.

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Sounds cool but I think I'll stick with my Magic Archer. I'm having too much fun with the class.

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