How do you like your pawn?

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Being in the UK I’m still awaiting my copy of Dragon’s Dogma and I’m still not sure how I’ll spec my main pawn. I know I’m going to go Strider/Ranger/Assassin with Fighter and Mage late game but I’m still very much undecided for my pawn.

So how are you going to spec your main pawns and how are they working out?

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I made mine a big old brute for tanking. Started off as a fighter and upgraded him to a warrior. When you make them you answer some questions to shape their personality. Then when you get to a certain pint in the game ( a few hours in) you can do more of that. You site down with your pawn and he/she asks you questions. And depending on how you answer relates to how he/she will act in the field. I am pretty happy with mine thus far. He mainly hauls stuff and attacks the strongest foe on the filed first. And protects support users (ranged) when necessary. I get these little cut scenes all the time where one of the mages is being grabbed by a foe and he rushes and plows into them knocking down the foe and then sticking his sword for a fatal strike. And then you hear the other pawn thank him, and he says, "after them". Hes more a leader to my sub pawns than I am, lol.

I posted some info about him in the pawn thread, his name is Brevan. I will update it later today with a pick and more info.

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I like my prawns with thousand island dressing.

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@RazielCuts said:

I like my prawns with thousand island dressing.


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My Pawn "Risty" is currently a Rogue or "Strider" as the game likes to call them. She has been very helpful. I'll see how the game progresses and change her accordingly.

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My pawn is just a straight up warrior. They're alright, but I think I might switch up their class or some of their skills at the very least to see if I can get them to be more interesting. I'm also keeping an eye out for the item in the rift store or whatever that will allow you to change your Arisen/Pawn's looks.

Edit: Found the scroll and changed my pawn up; much happier with it now. Huge warrior is maybe a little less original, but he's a lot more useful.

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@JustKamToo: My pawn is a female mage named Quistis. Since you pretty much need a mage for healing/buff in your party at all times and other pawns do not level up with you during combat I feel a mage pawn is the way to go.

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I have a Sorcerer named Lucretia (from Spartacus). She's awesome.

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I made a strong fighter with tank abilities, although I start to believe a healing mage would have been more useful... he's still sexy though :D

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I roll with a fighter, but am somewhat regretting I didn't go mage as I invariably always recruit 2 mages for healing and buffing. Will likely class swap tom something else at earliest opportunity.

EDIT: and of course when it comes to class switch her I stayed melee and took her to Warrior

hey I like to smash things and Giant Hammers are cool!

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I love my pawn. I modeled her after my best friend, and she wanted to use daggers and bow, so Ranger she is! I made her...probably too pretty, in my opinion, but I love it XD. Inclination wise, she's pretty smart, mostly. She uses AoE and blinds in groups, she focuses on weaker enemies, and helps me if I get pinned or grabbed. The one thing I hate, though, is she knocks people away as I'm dashing toward them, causing me to whiff. But, a minor flaw.

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My main pawn is always the daftest of the bunch. She's constantly falling off cliffs and getting stuck in geometry, but other thanthat she keeps the party healthy and my weapons glowing with all those pretty colors.

My character is a beefcake Aristotle and she's a dainty Nietzsche, what ever did I expect.

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I made a fighter who is more or less a tank, he looks kinda goofy but I'm thinking about changing his vocation to mage. Seeing as since I've stopped being a mage I always need one and no one seems to use him anyway, so I might as well make him what I like.

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