Just found these forums, Want to see you pawn in action?

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Alright so I'll get right to the point. I've been running multiple posts on another Dragon's Dogma forum where I have been running a YouTube journey and I take in other peoples pawns. I joke with them, I throw them to the wolves (literally) I feed them to the dragons and I take them on some of the more difficult missions as I learn this game for the first time. We aim to show off your pawn doing just about everything, from running around, to exploring town to getting into the big fights with dragons and such. It builds a good pawn community and I figured since those forums loved it I would search far and wide for more Dragon's Dogma forums to build a larger pawn community!

Its your call, my list for pawns is long, but since it is so long we're putting out a episode a day to work our way through them. If your interested, send me a Friend Request at InfectedCrow, or reply to this post. Getting a friend invite into me will get you on a video faster, but as I have to periodically delete people so I can make room for new pawns, leaving a reply to this post will keep you in the queue.

Anyway, here is one of my favorite episodes if your curious the journey your pawn will be on

Episode 10

Hope you guys enjoy, and hope to see some more pawns joining the journey!


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Sounds cool, my Gamertage is: aaronBLUEeyes.

My pawn's current name is Thad and is a 52LVL Fighter.

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