More mage gameplay footage!

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So being excited for Dragons Dogma I went searching for videos that I haven't seen of it yet. I ended up finding this after someone posted it on the Gamespot forums. You'll need to fast forward to about the 4:00 minute mark but you can clearly see a pure mage class shown off in great detail. Looks pretty fun and some of those spells look nuts. I think that might confirm my decision to play as a pure mage on launch. If anyone hasn't tried the demo go do it! You can even import the character you make in the demo! That means no waiting when you play just load up and import character!

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Those Mage spells are looking pretty crazy, definitely going to play one.

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That isn't a mage, it is a Sorcerer. Mages can't use Archstaves which is what that dude is packing. I think they also did a video segment on this same show where the director showed off the Berserk armor/weapons and played as a Mystic Knight in the Griffith gear.

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Nice! thanks for posting.

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Needs more two-handed warrior footage.

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Actually, the most information I've seen about the game is on Giant Bomb itself. I didn't know about all the classes and weapons options. I'm really excited to be an Ranger.

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