Shadow Of Colossus influence?

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Is it just me or is (as the title states) Seem like theres a lot of shadow of Colossus influence in this game. Not just because there are giant enemies you fight, those are in plenty of games, but in the sense wehre you actually interact with the giant beast trying to ruin your day. You have to climb up it or find different routes to giet above ti so you can jump down and deliver the finishing blow.

Not saying this game is ripping of Shadow Of Colossus in ANY way. It looks awesome, I was just curious if anyone else had the same thoughts because the first time I saw gameplay footage thats what I thought.

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Yeah, the look of the game is different but when I first saw those guys scurrying around those giant beasts, that's where my thoughts went immediately.

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I think that this is one of the stand-out features of Dragon's Dogma, and it is awesome. The inclusion of this game-play dynamic is bound to make the game much more fun. Is there anyone who wouldn't want to climb ontop of a giant cyclops and stab it in the eye without the use of a quick time event?

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It's something that an action-RPG should have done a long time ago. I salute Capcom for being the first to let us cling on to feathery griffin balls.

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