Turn all the HUD off

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So I finished the game and am now in the end game dungeons collecting loot etc etc

However, since I am now very strong and not so fearful of the world anymore ... I turned all of the HUD off. I'm talking everything, the map, the stamina/health bars, the enemy health bars, the button prompts onscreen, everything. WOW! I was blown away!

Just do it now for 10mins, just to see what it looks like and experience. You can always turn it all back on, but it makes the game 100% more immersive, especially with all the talking the Pawns do, they add to the immersive feeling!. It makes the game even more gorgeous looking, and it feels cinematic and epic! The fact the animation is so good in this game, like as you run low on Stamina you visually see it. Try it, I think you'll love it! It's one of them things I think I can't go back now, I don't think I could play this game with the HUD on now.

Try it, honestly you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

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I have my rental copy sat here and i still havent put the time in to actually play ti yet, would disabling the hud by default be a viable way for a first playthrough? or does that just sound like madness?

(i do love me some hudless love)

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I wouldn't be good enough to play it with all the HUD off right away, but I would say try it just to see what it looks like! You can always turn it all back on if it's too hard :) I needed the mini map too much, but now I know the map well enough to not need it, you might be good enough to survive :)

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: Nice call sir! I remember as soon as I started playing the game I removed pawn dialogue boxes, cause they annoyed me, and also did the same for enemy health bars. But after reading your post i turned everything else off with the exception of the mini-map because i rely on it so much and still exploring certain parts of Gransys. I def enjoy playing it much more with all the hud items removed. I actually listen to the pawns more now, and like that when i'm charging attacks i pay attention to the sounds and visuals more to activate rather than watch the meter.

I highly recommend playing this way! A much more immersive experience and allows one to appreciate the subtleties overlooked with all that garbage on the screen.

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Yeah you are right, the game looks alot better on screen with the ui off and it does suck you in more. There are times I turned it off for screenshots and didn't even remember to turn it back on for 30+ minutes. Once you learn the overworld and the different levels you don't need the map anymore to be sure. Though I do find the HP bars handy still, at least when you are fighting stuff that actually can kill you like the ur dragon.

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