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I just finished the game for the first time and ended up with Caxton of all people as my 'beloved' This not only is gay, but also might prove to be inconvenient, for he now is in Cassadris rather than Gran Soren. I'm debating starting the game over. What course of action do i do to resolve this? Should I start a NG+, will it remove him and start things over or should i just start over again completely?

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My character was in love with Selene. Which is funny because the game didn't let me know I was in love. I didn't know you could fall in love with someone until the end. For me it was just random.

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@aaronBLUEeyes: There are 2 ways to fix this:

  1. sort of a workaround, use a port crystal right outside Cassadris and simply teleport to it whenever you need his services (which honestly in postgame should mostly be just gear upgrading)
  2. start a NG+, it does not reset the NPC states towards you so you will still have his adoration, but it will reset the world to starting state so he will be back in Soren and you can then work the games silly affection system to make another NPC your love
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How long do the quests take in Post Game? Should I linger here awhile and do stuff or jump straight into NG+? I started playing when it first came out but didn't get the Different Sky DLC and wanted to do those quests in NG+. Also in NG+ does your pawn reset to level 1?

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Post game (im referring to post Dragon fight) is as long as you want it to be. You can finish it in an hour or less, or stay there forever. There are almost no proper quests aside from main and noticeboard stuff. Postgame has some of the toughest monsters and fights in the entire game. As well as the best gear.

NG+ is basically starting the game over but with the same character and gear/money/skills/pawn carrying over (your pawn like you keeps all it's levels and skils). There is nothing new and challenge is exactly the same as a fresh game, so you will be quite overpowered.

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@falserelic: I, too, had no idea that there was any sort of romance thing.

...I ended up with Symone. That was weird.

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I know that the NG+ is just a run through of the game again, but have you played the DLC quests yet? A Different Sky series or the other two? It says that the Different Sky quests appear at specific points in the game. BTW I hate Hellhounds, lol

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I got Inez, but then I tried to get her. Implied Free Endless Beer for the Arisen!

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This whole Dragon's Dogma romance thing is hilarious. I've heard about a couple of people's characters, er, "falling in love" with NPC's they never had any interest in.

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Selene. The game does such a bad job explaining the perimeters surrounding romance that I didn't even know there was a romance system until Selene was living in my house.  
I suspected there might have been one and wanted the busty shopkeeper from gran soren, but the opportunity never presented itself until it was too late.

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Yeah, I was not expecting that. Shit was creepy, yo. "Aw man, Arisen gave me a golden statue. I'm so F-ing wet right now."

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I got freakin Madeleine, which kinda sucked because she took money from me. Also had no idea there was a romantic interest in this game.

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Well at least Madeleine was a busty blonde lol and not a scruffy male Blacksmith like Caxton, hahaha. I concur, they should have either done more with the concept or lost it completely.

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okay, so i did all of madeleins quests and she moved out of town, which suck because i thought if i gave her the money i would get some award or something at the end, which sadly i didn't, and she moved out of town before a could kick her ass and lower her affinity for me. I spent most of the game trying to find quills for the guy i wanted at the end (TOOK ME F***IN FOREVER!) and finally when i do manage do get him as my love interest, the ending i have is madeleins! what the hell, my characters a girl btw. my question is, is there a way to fix this before i find her in my house in NG+ or kill her than pursue my guy again ?

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I got the Duke's wife... which was fine by me...

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