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Dragon's Dogma is an interesting take on the genre. 16

Dragon's Dogma is a hardcore game. And not just in difficulty like Dark Souls. Dragon's Dogma is even more of a throwback. Because the hardcore side of it isn't as immediately apparent. Most people won't notice until they're forced to, and then they'll complain. This is in the game mechanics, deep down. Like having to add oil to your lanterns periodically. To do this you have to have empty flasks, which you then fill up when you find a bucket of oil. Then you have to manually combine the flask w...

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A worthwhile adventure that stumbles just short of amazement 0

It was a routine quest - fetching tablets from a temple for a brother of the cathedral - that had gone wrong very quickly the moment an ogre came onto the scene. With only lantern light to guide my arrows in the dark ruins, the effort seemed fruitless as the gigantic monster batted its hand towards me, sending me flying across the room and my lantern blinking out into darkness. It felt like all was lost - until my pawn shouted out 'Arisen, no!', and off in the distance, lit only by her own lante...

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Short and Sweet: My First Impression of Dragon's Dogma, Part One 0

It seemed to be a particularly normal day in the small village of Casadeis. Minding my own business and enjoying simple life pleasures in the beautiful fishing village, that has front row seats to a vast body of water, my life soon became complex.A dragon swooned in and decided to reck havoc by destroying anything in its path. A rush of adrenaline or pure stupidity, I decided to pick up the lamest sword to take on the beast. I was in for it. Before I knew it I was laying helpless on the ground w...

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A Hard Swing, But Still A Foul Ball 6

I don’t think I've made it any sort of secret that I think that the current regime at Capcom makes a lot of flagrant bad decisions. The way they have handled one of the most beloved stables of characters and IPs, probably seconded only by Nintendo, has been nothing short of mind boggling. So when you look at a game like Dragon’s Dogma, a Japanese take on the western RPG that has been in development for 5 years, has tied up power players in the company like Hideki Itsuno from making ensured succe...

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Dragon's Dogma Review by Andrew Bohnenberger 0

Dragon's Dogma ReviewBy: Andrew BohnenbergerDragon's Dogma is an open world fantasy action rpg developed by Capcom for the Xbox360 and PS3. Dragon's Dogma's main gameplay mechanic is the pawn system where you recruit NPCs from other players worlds by connecting online and recruiting them to your party. Is the pawn system innovative enough to compete with other open world fantasy action rpgs on the market like Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amalur?StoryDragon's Dogma tells the story of the Arisen, the ch...

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Visually impressive but completely lacks heart. 0

For a game that leaves such a weak impression overall, there are a surprisingly large number of individual components that are impressive in this game. Most notably, the combat depth and variety is pretty excellent and the ‘pawn’ system really allows you to complement attack strategies between player and NPC(s) in a way that surpasses other games in the genre (with perhaps the exception of Dragon Age).The art style is uninspiring but the environment design is highly competent with a ...

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So, so good. 0

This might just be my favorite RPG of this generation.Take a dose of Monster Hunter, mix in some Oblivion, and top it off with a bit of Dark Souls and you'll have an approximation of Dragon's Dogma. I cannot stop singing this game's praises. It's the perfect balance between Japanese and American RPGs. If it had some way to enslave and train monsters as an additional pet, I daresay it might just be perfect.The Good:The open world gives the freedom it should, but without the ease of getting lost t...

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Dragon's Dogma 0

This game is a masterpiece you have to admit the rare feature's in this game.Personaly I like it way better then skyrim the whole game was Amazing you must try it.They currently made a new Dragon dogma dark arisen I hated they new one its the same thing until you beat it all over again then at end theres Expansion,but I though the original was way better.[This is a must buy Massive Open world]M9ki. ...

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Capcom's Tour de Force 0

Capcom really took the other developer's to school with a game that should become a franchise. Dragon's Dogma is a spit fire that really shines and rarely shows a lack of finish, although it does at times. I would suggest that every player worth their RPG salt invest some serious time in this title.We will start with the quick overview of the bad. There will be odd clipping events and the camera, in the tradition of Capcom, gets a little wild and makes it hard to focus at times. The targeting sy...

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Dragons Dogma is a fun game that any RPG fan can enjoy. 0

Dragons Dogma took me by surprise. The story itself is nothing special, and the characters are forgettable, but the combat and its open world feel make it stand out. The fact that there is only one way to fast travel (ferrystones) which are pretty rare when you start out, make the game seem more of an adventure since you have to walk around a lot, which is something that many games don't make you do. The combat is fun since you can change your class, aka vocation, when ever you want (once you un...

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Dragon's Dogma is a rarity when most RPG's become dumbed down. 2

These days game have becomes dumbed down for the larger audience and sales. A genre hit hard by this trend are the RPG's of today. It's understandable for a developer/publisher to appeal to larger audience, however though, when they do it ends up hurting us gamers looking for a challenge. Dragon's Dogma is a game by Capcom, and it seems that they were looking to appeal with those who want a challenge and a game with depth. I'm happy to say they had succeed, even though it means lower sells in th...

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Dragons dogma 11

Wow I signed up just to put this review on hear,this game is SO much better than a 3*,they give max pain and kingdoms of amalur better ratings ??.This Game is great its HUGE there is LOADS to do a Massive world,amazing boss fights,resource gathering,improving armour and weapons and SO much more.It is a hardcore game its not easy but its not close to been as tuff as Dark souls/Demon souls,how they can give Skyrim 5* and this 3 is beyond me i don't think the reviewer played much of this game.Graph...

4 out of 30 found this review helpful.

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