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Dragons Dogma is a fun game that any RPG fan can enjoy.

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Dragons Dogma took me by surprise. The story itself is nothing special, and the characters are forgettable, but the combat and its open world feel make it stand out. The fact that there is only one way to fast travel (ferrystones) which are pretty rare when you start out, make the game seem more of an adventure since you have to walk around a lot, which is something that many games don't make you do. The combat is fun since you can change your class, aka vocation, when ever you want (once you unlock the class by using discipline points). Different classes use different weapons and gear. I like the fact that you can switch it up and try other vocations if you start to get bored of your vocation, or you find an awesome weapon or armor piece that only a certain vocation can use.

The pawn system in the game is fun and different (I have never seen anything like it in a game.) Your pawn is your companion in the game and you can change their gear, vocation, and skills. It is your pawn that other players can choose to accompany them in their own adventures. The more people use your pawn, the more rift crystals you attain. Rift crystal can be used to borrow other peoples pawns (these pawns are usually higher level than your character.) Dragons Dogma feels different, and that's a good thing because it makes it stand out and feel fresh. I would recommend this game to RPG lovers, especially now that is cheap. Don't forget to BUY THE DARK ARISEN COPY since it is the same game as Dragons dogma, but with added content.

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