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    Dragons were originally messengers from heaven, according to early Buddhist texts. In games, they can be among the most fearsome of adversaries, but there are some exceptions.

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    Dragons are generally reptilian with wings making them capable of flight. Their wings normally are bat-like, but some have feathers instead and some don't have wings (Chinese dragons). Dragons usually have some kind of breath attack which usually is fire, but can also be ice or acid. They are giant compared to humans and are considered a formidable opponent in most, if not all, role-playing games. Some dragons have been depicted with multiple heads, some of them having different attacks.

    Dragons are also known for collecting things of worth like gold, gems, jewels and the like (sometimes using these as a bed to sleep on). They can communicate to humans/humanoids through common speech and they can grow to be very old. Dragon offspring usually come from eggs.


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