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    Drakan: Order of the Flame

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jul 14, 1999

    Fly into battle on your dragon Arok and rescue your kidnapped brother.

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    Drakan: Order of the Flame is an 3rd person action adventure game developed by Surreal Software and published by Psygnosis. It follows the story of a young woman named Rynn. Rynn and her dragon companion Arokh must seek out and defeat a wizard named Navaros in order to free Rynn's younger brother.


    Drakan: Order of the Flame is primarily an action adventure game, which incorporated the equipment and inventory management aspects of a role playing game. The gameplay of Drakan is a mix of on-foot combat and exploration in dungeons and aerial combat atop Rynn's dragon. By collecting elemental runes, Arokh's breath attack deals fire, poison, ice or lightning damage.The game world is made up of multiple dungeons which are all connected to an overworld where Rynn could either travel on foot or choose to fly around on Arokh. Killing enemies and completing quests would reward the player with items that could be equipped on Rynn in traditional Action-RPG style. No skill or statistical requirements were ever required to equip any type of weapon.


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