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Draq is Roger Buster´s partner in their cargo transport business. He is a fan of both video games and F-Zero racing, of which he claims is the biggest enthusiast of them all. It has always been a dream of his to race in the circuit himself. One day, Draq and Roger received two race-ready F-Zero machines of unknown ownership and with no return address. Draq managed to convince roger to enter the machines in the GP, with the excuse that the owner would probably recognize them and claim them back. No one has claimed them back yet. However, Draq is desperate to win an F-Zero Grand Prix and use the price money to buy his very own machine.


Draq´s machine, the Mighty Typhoon is a well balanced craft that is easy to control regardless of the substandard grip it posesses. It has excellent boost strength and decent toughness and top speed; is biggest flaw is probably it´s poor acceleration. The Mighty Typhoon is a machine that any pilot can drive with ease, since it is very contollable around corners and can match most of the other ship´s top speeds by using the boost power accordingly.

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