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    Drawn to Life

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 10, 2007

    Drawn To Life is a game that lets you create your character from scratch by drawing them with the DS stylus.

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    Drawn To Life, developed by 5th Cell, will have players using their imagination as they guide their own self-created hero through numerous obstacles, whilst conjuring up their own creative solutions in an attempt to save the Raposa Village from an ever lingering army of shadows.


    The game is platformer. The created hero can attack by jumping on the enemy or by shooting a gun that the player can design. The gun's ammo changes depending on the world. You use the stylus to clear up any shadow goop that is left over from shadows. There are not any powerups, however when the time is needed, you are able to design solutions according to what is needed in the level.


    Winner of Most Innovative Design (DS)
    - Runner-Up of Best Platform Game (DS)

    Independent Games Festival 2008
     Finalist of Achievement in Art and Audio Design

    GameSpot Best of 2007:
    Nominee of Best Platformer (All Systems) and Best Original Game Mechanic

    Nintendo Power:
    Nomination for Best Platform Game (Wii & DS)


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