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Lucky Me...

Is the name of the song that will be stuck in your head after the beginning of the game.

I think this game gets a bad rep, and that's because a lot of people miss about half of it because of what may be bad design. After you get the option to go inside the school, you can turn around and go back into the city. At that point, there's about 5 ghosts to capture, along with more content. However, one would never know that since the game drives you to go into the school.

I have a soft spot for this game because I'm into urban legends, and this plays heavily on Indonesian/Asian lore, which teaches you a bit about it. It also has a good sense of humor that you could only pick up on multiple playthroughs (mostly sight gags, the writing is corny.) Sure it is short, but it works in that time- it may have gotten stale if drawn out more than it needed to be. I'm looking forward to the second part, which looks to take place in the town/woods.

Give this game a chance at the next Steam sale, which I'm sure this will be a part of.


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