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List of CharactersVoice Actresses
Amane (亜麻音)Ami Koshimizu
Mio (みお)Eri Kitamura
Setsu (雪)Kaori Mizuhashi
Reika (玲香)Risa Hayamizu
Mian (魅杏)Kei Shindō
Rui (るい)Hitomi Harada
Riho (理保)Yuko Goto
Nao (ナオ)Ai Matayoshi
Airi (アイリ)Asumi Kodama
Mari (魔璃)Sawa Ishige


Dream C Club is a dating sim set in a hostess club. The majority of the time spent in the game is spent sitting with one of several hostesses in the titular Dream Club. The player orders drinks for both himself and the hostess. Time can be spent in the club in conversation with the chosen hostess, ordering food, giving presents, or singing karaoke. When both the player and the hostess become drunk, additional dialogue and conversation choices become available. The goal is to make the correct choices in the conversations to become closer to the hostess. Eventually, the player can go out on short dates with the hostess. If the correct conditions are met before the end of one year, the player will receive the happy ending for the chosen hostess. There are also bad endings, bittersweet endings, and a "Last Man Standing" ending.

Complete Edipyon!

The Complete Edipyon! release for the PlayStation 3 adds various minigames, including banana feeding and rodeo machine riding, from the prequel Dream C Club Zero. The erotic tones of these minigames resulted in a change from a Cero C rating to a Cero D rating.


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