Dreamkiller has completely and utterly disappeared for sale

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I had never heard of this game until last year, when I put it on my Steam wishlist and waited for it to go on sale. A few months ago, I went to check on it and found that the store page was gone. It's been removed from Steam, and after doing some online research it's apparently unavailable for purchase anywhere. This site incorrectly lists a 360 version (it was cancelled) and I don't know if there were any physical copies produced of the pc version but I am unable to locate any. As a last resort I managed to track down a pirate copy, however it only has a few seeders left.

It's weird to think that a video game can just completely disappear without a trace. Once the torrent loses all it's seeders I think that's it for this game. I'm playing it now and while I admit it isn't great, I'm having fun with it.

Once we go all digital, is this sort of thing going to become commonplace? I think Jeff mentioned something about this in the last podcast that hackers and pirates were going to be the last bastion of game preservation (although he was talking about dead MMOs specifically). In this case at least, piracy is the only thing keeping this game alive, but even pirated games can eventually dissapear.

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