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Hey folks,

The Dreams Early Access thing is out now, and building together levels seems like it’s a good time! The game really encourages collaboration so I thought it would be a good project to try and get a group of people from the ultra creative community here at Giant Bomb and try to work on a couple of things together and see what we could make.

I haven’t collaborated with anyone yet but it seems like it’s a possible thing to send levels/works to each other within the game without publishing them. I would think that mixing that with a central location like Discord would be the way to go.

So... would there be people that would be interested in this?I would think there are folks here that could be interested in a specific thing (Sculpting assets, animating, music, etc.) and we can form up and make the ULTIMATE GAMES.

Edit: I went ahead and set up a discord below to go ahead and get started

The link to join to group discord is here:

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#2 Posted by MeatsofEvil (172 posts) -

@turboman: I would absolutely be interested in this idea, I spent a good amount of time composing music yesterday. I really love the power of the tools, even though it would be easier to use a mouse and keyboard/a midi keyboard or something for the music composition stuff. I also want to work on creating other assets too!

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I went ahead and set up a discord server if people were interested in joining here:

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#4 Posted by stayflip (28 posts) -

I've mostly spent time tooling around trying to figure out the logic stuff. Haven't really got into much art or any animation yet, but I'd be happy to contribute to any projects if it's of any use

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#5 Posted by MrCaseyJones (154 posts) -

I think if we make GB stuff that we want to be remixable it would help to get the tags and descriptions easily searchable. I plan on making Luchadeer and anthropomorphic bomb for a few games I have planned, and I'll add as many GB-related tags as possible to get them visible to everyone (GB, Giantbomb, Giant Bomb, etc.). If everyone is diligent about tagging it would help a lot.

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#6 Posted by ThatOneDudeNick (1576 posts) -

It would be cool to share what i've got and collab.

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#7 Posted by MrCaseyJones (154 posts) -

I made a game called "Lights Out!" not really a Giant Bomb related game, but you do play as Luchadeer (I also have a Luchadeer puppet if you want to use it), my username is the same as on GB -MrCaseyJones. I made sure to use the tag "Giant Bomb" and "Giantbomb" for the best visibility.

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