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  • Oscar (Voiced by Phil LaMarr): A cleaner fish from Whale Wash.
  • Don Lino (Voiced by Jim Meskimen): The leader of the great white sharks.
  • Lenny (Voiced by Sean Bishop): A shark who wants to be a vegetarian.
  • Sykes (Voiced by Sean Bishop): A pufferfish who owns the Whale Wash.
  • Angie (Voiced by Melissa Disney): A fish who is the receptionist at the Whale Wash.
  • Lola (Voiced by Seana Kofoed)
  • Ernie and Bernie (Voiced by Jeff Coopwood and Jamil Walker-Smith): Two jamacian jellyfish who work for Sykes.


1. A Rude Awakening

2a. Getting up on the wrong side of the seabed

2b. Tag! You're it.

3. We interrupt this broadcast...

4. The Fish and the Furious

5. Hide and Sneak

6. Whale of a Time

7. Between a Fluke and a Hard Place

8. A Fine Kettle of Fish

9. A Problem of Titanic Proportions

10. Slippery As An Eel

11. Losing Time of the Track

12. Sleepin Wit Da Fishes

13. Shark Bait

14. The Heist

15. Living the Vida Loca

16. Wanted: A Few Good Fish

17. Hammer and Tongs

18. Ixnay on the Arkshay

19. A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

20. Busting Moves With Ernie and Bernie

21. Get ready to rumble

22. A Shark By Any Other Name Would Smell As Fishy

23. The Reel Thing

24. A Case of Foresaken Identity

25. Building the Better Shark Trap


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