Drew and Cloth Map

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So it looks like Drew is going to be a globe trotting adventurer and sharing his discoveries on how games are played all over the world. This is very cool.


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Cloth Map is a good fucking name for a gaming focused travel show.

I'm in.

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Seems to be exactly what fits Drew. Glad it's still game related instead of being a pure travel programme

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It's a really awesome idea that blends two of my favorite things. I'm so excited to see what he cooks up.

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Great name. A great fit for Drew. Also, for me as games and travel also define who I am. I love it. Absolutely am supporting him on his adventures.

Wish him the absolute best! Oh, did I say already how awesome Cloth Map is for a name?!

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They should feature his documentary on Giant Bomb. Kinda sad that it's not actually just a GB production. Both the site and CBS would have benefited from something like this

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I can't help thinking about that Quick Look that Jeff and Ryan did about that time-traveling FPS. I think it was based on Ray Bradbury's A Sound of Thunder but I forget the title.

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