Drew Scanlon's Top 10 Games of 2016

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#51 Posted by Smeat (29 posts) -

Really good list overall. Also agree on Overcooked being really fun to play.

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#52 Posted by Chango (886 posts) -

Great list, Drew! I should really try Event[0].

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#53 Posted by machinerebel (224 posts) -

I want a remake of FF6 within the next five years or I will poop.

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#54 Posted by anden4300 (78 posts) -

Nice list Drew! Nice to see Abzu on there. DOOM as No.1 really makes me want to go buy and play that game.

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#55 Posted by Dray2k (351 posts) -

I like Drews taste, somehow it is something that most of the other GB Staff enjoys but its still suprising. Like with last year.

I really want to like DOOMs story, but the only thing I enjoy is Sam Hayden. Most of the time I love looking at the Snapmap stuff.

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#56 Posted by DarkFury (451 posts) -

You're a great writer, Drew.

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#57 Edited by Winternet (8397 posts) -

Post apocalyptic future?

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#58 Edited by Chillicothe (977 posts) -

@darkfury said:

You're a great writer, Drew.

And a reviewer (but DOOM has a hand in everyone's reflections on that title).

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#59 Posted by OtmShank (15 posts) -

Great list of games Drew. The Titanfall 2 write up was hilarious!

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#60 Posted by tavistavistavis (230 posts) -

Drew is #1

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#61 Posted by raythmolba (4 posts) -

Man, Drew, every time GOTY Season comes around and you've got a list up, I'm reminded that you have some damn fine writing chops. A delight to read.

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#62 Posted by viking_funeral (2599 posts) -

Hard to do better than Final Fantasy 6. Easily a high point in the series. It's weird that it's one of the least liked entries in Japan.

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#63 Posted by DekuShrub (36 posts) -


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#64 Edited by Zevvion (5217 posts) -

Man, this year unlike any other my list is way different than that of the staff. We normally have different tastes, but there is usual around a 40-50% overlap.

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#65 Posted by graf1k (622 posts) -

So weird to see The Witness charting so well with the GB staff. I feel like it was quickly forgotten when it came out around here. Good list though, Drew. Because of you I intend to make FFVI my first FF (although I'm going to play it on my phone probably).

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#66 Posted by darkmagus517 (126 posts) -

I still find time for some twilight struggle I enjoy the charm and Cold War sensibility

I guess Motorsport Manager didn't stick.

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#67 Posted by i_against_i (35 posts) -

I'm loving Doom at #1. GJ, Drew!

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#68 Posted by FrodoBaggins (867 posts) -

Doom at number 1.... hope this isn't a sign of things to come lol.

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#69 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (6221 posts) -

A very solid list for this year.

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#70 Posted by BernkastelWitch (3 posts) -

I find this to be quite the unique list to it, with some games being on my own 2016 list. I like it.

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#71 Posted by uglykitten (55 posts) -

I'm really glad Abzu made the list. I bought it after watching your quick look with Brad and I wasn't disappointed. I think I'm a more ideal audience for that game because I never played Journey.

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#72 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (2001 posts) -

Sweet list! You really should try Titanfall 2's multiplayer for at least a round or 2, it is excellent.

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#73 Edited by Hassun (7881 posts) -

Excellent writing, Mr Scanlon!

Doomguy is a legit candidate for best character of the year.

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#74 Posted by khetix (58 posts) -

Nice list. :-)

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#75 Posted by zaldar (989 posts) -

sigh ... so I wonder if ff6 looks good on my note 7 android phone...

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#76 Posted by drockus (181 posts) -

FFVI! Such a great game.

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