North Korea video?

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Hey all,

So after watching the highlights of Iceland video that Drew posted of Scoops and his trip to Eve conference, I was thinking of looking over the North Korea video Drew did whilst on holiday. However, I can not seem to find it on the site (I looked in the Subscriber section of videos but could not remember when he went). Is there actually a video of it (I feel like he did a talk during a Whiskey Media show or maybe a separate video was posted, possibly with photos being shown rather than actual video) or was this all just a wishful dream I had and the video I am thinking of does not actually exist?

Cheers duders.

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It's real, probably the most interesting video on the site, and should really be available to everyone.

For some reason it feels wrong to lock it behind the subscription...

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i think the stuff the guides let you film/take pictures of in Pyongyang is really limited anyways.

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I actually can't remember if there was an actual video beside the podcast-thingy with photos.

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