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    Object consists of a Drill bit that is spun but either Human or motorized power to create a perforation in another object. You know the drill.

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    As a Primary object used in real life to most coommon people to just drill a hole in a wall to hang something or to simply make a perforation on a surface. A drill is an extremely handy tool used be craftsmen and as a matter of fact, people all around the world. 
    However, the drill does have a dark side. A meer inocent looking object at first sight, in the wrong hands it could become the weapon of choice for a cold blooded killer. This is mostly how a drill is portrayed in video games. One of the most recent video games to feature a drill in one of its antagonist is Bioshock. The developers at 2K made their Big daddies weild an array of weapons including a rivet gun to a huge drill with the ability to tear flesh and turn it into an inrecognisable form instantly. 


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