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    Drinal is a spirit god in the EverQuest franchise. He is known as the Silver Reaper and represents the night, destruction, and death half of the cycle of life.

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    Drinal is one of the lesser known spirit gods of the pantheon, yet he is witnessed almost daily by every living creature upon Norrath.  Known as the Silver Reaper, Drinal claimed Norrath's desolate grey moon during the Age of Scale.  Unlike Luclin's moon, the moon of Drinal is clearly visible as it revolves around the world.  Drinal is a spirit deity representing night, destruction, and death.  He is neutral among the gods.  Although he represents all that is dark, he is not evil.  Drinal simply represents necessary pieces of the circle of life.


    In most lore, Drinal is depicted as a bipedal white wolf whose paws, tail, and snout are solid black.  He often carries a sickle, similar to the crescent moon his followers worship.    

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