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Characterized by their enormous size, the Drinniol of the Marathon series are extraterrestrial behemoths that rank squarely amongst the tougher foes encountered in Marathon. Given the name Hulk by the crewmen of the UESC Marathon, the average Drinniol is incomparably powerful, capable of causing grievous injury with a single blow from either of its massive fists. Drinniol physiology is completely devoid of body fat, which not only gives them a very prominent musculature, but also forces them to seek sustenance on a near-constant basis. Apart from their imposing physical presence, Drinniol can be identified by their purple clothing and light gray skin tone; the latter fact, when combined with their tremendous size and the pronounced nails adorning their blunted hands and feet, allows Hulks to be described as vaguely elephantine in appearance. Unlike their masters, the Pfhor, who display three or more red eyes, Hulks seem to possess only one, which is teal in color. Other facial features are somewhat had to make out, as their faces do not seem to conform to that of human anatomy.

Role in the Series

As enemies, Hulks are bruisers that can soak up extremely large amounts of damage and unleash powerful single strikes when within melee range. They have no means of ranged attack, however, and are furthermore quite slow moving, so simply keeping one's distance while firing upon them is often enough to keep them from landing an attack. Drinniol are only found in two levels within Marathon, which may have been due in part to an inherent limitation in the Marathon engine, as only a certain number of enemy types could be used per level. Along with the Looker and the Wasp, the Hulk is one of the three foes from the original game that does not make appearances in any future Marathon games.

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