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    Driv3r is a 2004 action game released by Atari and Reflections. You play as Tanner as he tries to sneak himself into a gang of car thieves and take them down from the inside.

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    The game's protagonist, Tanner.
    The game's protagonist, Tanner.

    Driv3r is an action game consisting of driving and shooting sections as well as a free roam mode. It is the first game in the Driver series to feature firearms usable by the player and also allows you to kill bystanders as well as the first game in the series which allows recurring protagonist John Tanner to swim.

    Undercover (Story Mode)

    The story mode in Driv3r (called "Undercover") consists of short missions which will usually consist of a simple task such as a chase, escaping from the police or taking down a group of people. Pre-Rendered cutscenes are used to tell the story as well as brief in-game segments. When the player continues the story mode, a movie will play catching the player up with previous segments in the story mode.

    The story follows Tanner; an undercover cop in Miami who uses brutal methods and is an "obsessive risk taker", whatever that means. His job is to infiltrate a gang of car thieves who are attempting to ship 40 of the world's most expensive vehicles to a mysterious buyer. Tanner's job is to stop the sale of the cars and figure out who the secret car buyer is.


    John Tanner

    Tanner is the main character, and the only playable character in DRIV3R. He is an undercover cop who has to infiltrate a gang of car thieves to find out who their secret buyer is before it is too late.

    Tobias Jones

    Tobias Jones is a police detective and Tanner's long-time partner. Instead of the risky, brutal methods of Tanner, Tobias is very calm, cool and confident. He is not as risky as Tanner, but he is just as dedicated to his job.


    Jericho, the antagonist, in Driv3r.
    Jericho, the antagonist, in Driv3r.

    Jericho is Tanner's long time enemy who previously appeared in Driver 2: The Wheelman Is Back . He is ruthless and unpredictable, as well as very dangerous. His recklessness is only matches by Tanner; the man trying to stop him.

    Take A Ride (Free Roam)

    Take A Ride is a free roam mode that can take place in any of the three cities from the story mode. Miami and Nice are unlocked at the start, while you have to unlock Istanbul through Undercover (or using a cheat code to unlock all missions). The player is able to choose a vehicle (secret vehicles can be unlocked by discovering them in Take A Ride) and one of four spawn points, along with the time of day and weather options.


    Miami, Florida

    • Mission 1: Police HQ
    • Mission 2: Lead On Baccus
    • Mission 3: The Siege"
    • Mission 4: Rooftops
    • Mission 5: Impress Lomaz
    • Mission 6: Gator's Yacht
    • Mission 7: Trapped
    • Mission 8: Dodge Island
    • Mission 9: Retribution

    Nice, France

    • Mission 1: Welcome To Nice
    • Mission 2: Smash & Run
    • Mission 3: 18-Wheeler
    • Mission 4: Hijack
    • Mission 5: Arms Deal
    • Mission 6: Booby Trap
    • Mission 7: Calita In Trouble
    • Mission 8: Rescue Dubois
    • Mission 9: Hunted

    Istanbul, Turkey

    • Mission 1: Surveillance
    • Mission 2: Tanner Escapes
    • Mission 3: Another Lead
    • Mission 4: AlleyWay
    • Mission 5: The Chase
    • Mission 6: Bomb Truck
    • Mission 7: Chase The Train

    Features of the Game

    • 3 true to life cities - Miami, Nice and Istanbul
    • Over 150 Miles of city streets to explore including many alleyways and dirt ways
    • "Film Director" mode to record every move made in the game. With a Edit feature to change camera positions and create a Hollywood style movie
    • More than 50 Vehicles including Motorcycles, Boats, Police cars, Vans, Muscle Cars and Fully articulated 18 Wheelers.
    • A deep narrative story line with over 1 hour of CGI video to plot out the dramatic scenes.


      • Close to the game's release, the developers announced that 90,000 real life photographs were taken in order to have sense for the graphics.
      • Police AI cars would use "double speed".
      • In the Driv3r trailer. The song that they used in the trailer is called "Destiny" by Syntax.

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