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    Driveclub is a team-based racing game from Evolution Studios for PlayStation 4.

    baldgye's Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition (PlayStation 4) review

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    A racing game developed by people who've clearly never driven.

    The build up to this game was kinda odd, they seemed to want to make some Forza Vista type car porn thing, but with no Gran Turismo for the PS4 and a 'free' version out I figured I've give it a try and see what it was about.

    To start off the menu system is massively confusing and over the top, your not really sure what to do and were to go. When you find the options menu you'll be staggered at the sheer lack of options available. It's staggering and what is most staggering is that the racing line, isn't an option, which for a game that uses fast cars and no real world tracks (that I've seen anyway) that is a baffling decision.

    The strange choices and decisions carry through the game however, to even start a race you have to first find the race that is available and then mass the X button about 20 or so times, once you actually get into a race things only get worse.

    To describe the handling and physics of this game to be muddy would be a compliment, I have no idea what they modeled the handling off, it's a bizarre and awful mix of Need for Speed and Ridge Racer. It's terrible because when you go to turn into a corner (which you have no idea how to take anyway) you've no idea if your car is going to randomly snap into a drift or just spin out, your consonantly fighting with the steering and the throttle just to remain in brief control of your car before you have to do it all over again at the next corner. What add's to this is that either side of the road are dirt or grass paths that if you wander on almost anything could happen and there is no way to predict it, the simple answer would be to not go on them, but because your fighting the car so much you often have no choice, which only adds to the frustration.

    On top of that the game just looks awful, I'm not sure what it is but everything looks bad and they double down on this by bombarding you with effects like rain and night that just makes trying to work out where to go and how to take corners a nightmare.

    I don't know how or why this game ever came about, it's development was clearly a nightmare and the end product is total garbage. If you want a good or fun racing game you could literally go anywhere else and get a better experience on the PS4.

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