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A novel concept revitalises a franchise 6

Driver is backAfter the abysmal and controversial Driver 3, Ubisoft Reflections’ high-speed Driver series took a drastic fall from the gaming limelight. Its stylish world of brutish muscle cars, Bullitt inspired car chases and emphasis on unadulterated 70s style driving went from being a jewel of the PlayStation era to a distant, forgettable, and often painful memory. Driver 3 dragged the once-popular series through the mud and grime and rendered it virtually beyond repair; transforming it into ...

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Yep, it's alright. The overarching concept is really interesting - the ability to jump from car to car at any moment. But, I felt like it wears a little thin. I seemed to be doing the same thing in every game mission or side mission. Start mission - warp into oncoming vehicle - crash head-on into target vehicles - repeat until you win. The variety of missions also seems a little thin. Less than a few hours into the game you will have played the same 3 or 4 scenarios over and over again - Race mi...

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Catching Criminals With a 440 Six-Pack 0

Driver: San Francisco is one of those games that will either become an addiction for most gamers, or it will make those gamers hate it for the innate weirdness of the setting and story. Thankfully, this weirdness is enough to draw the player in before the entertaining and slightly ridiculous gameplay take hold.Driver: San Francisco starts with the series’ main protagonist, John Tanner, being part of a vicious car wreck with his nemesis, Charles Jericho, which results in him being in a coma. Duri...

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Solid driving mechanics in a fun world, but some game elements are frustrating 0

I have to say that Driver San Francisco was quite a pleasant game. The whole game is a racing game. You never leave the car, so if that is appealing to you then read on. One of the coolest mechanics of the game is the ability to switch to any other car in the city at any time. You essentially have the ability to switch bodies. The premise around this is based upon an earlier incident that happens to your character in the game and it actually works out quite well as this incident is interwoven t...

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Is a Inception of possibilities to the sandbox genre 0

Before GTA and The Fast and the Furious there was Driver, a open world franchise were a cop tried to stop crime with vandalism and reckless driving, and it was good. But Tanner and Reflections could not compete with the young franchises of drivers so Driver as a franchise was in a creative coma.How can you fight with a franchise that did everything that you did first better? Well, just being yourself, a 80's or 70's buddy cop television series with a sudden magical realist season. Why be Grimm a...

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Driver: San Francisco Is Actually Quite Good 0

When was the last time you can remember playing a Driver game and actually liking it? Well if you are like me it was probably eleven years ago when Driver 2 was released for the original Playstation. So in that regard, Driver: San Francisco is the exact opposite of what you might think it would be. That is to say, that it’s actually quite good.Tanner and Jones in Driver: San Francisco.Driver: San Francisco tells the story of John Tanner, a SFPD officer who just put his arch-nemesis, Jericho, beh...

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A Fun Bit Of Forgettable Fluff 0

I'll be honest: For the vast majority of the year since its announcement, Driver San Francisco was so far off my radar it might as well have been in a completely different hemisphere. Can you really blame me, though? The last two games in the franchise, Driv3r (I still throw up in my mouth a little every time I have to type that out) and Parallel Lines, were merely uninspired GTA ripoffs, and when word of this new entry's coma hallucination plot surfaced I simply assumed that developer Reflectio...

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Surprise of 2011 0

If you told me that a game whose main mechanic is the ability to jump Quantum Leap style into the body of any driver and carries the Driver name would all but guarantee a spot on my top 10 games of 2011 list, I'd think 2011 was a pretty crappy year for games. But, in one of the biggest surprises of the year, Reflections has done just that. Dismissing Driver: San Francisco because of it's fairly out there premise or because of bad memories from the franchise's previous efforts is understandable, ...

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City of One 0

Ever since Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, the idea of hotswapping never died down for me as an exciting concept. Modern Combat did the best it could to provide that feeling of playing as an "Army of One," but clunky controls and confusing camera perspectives detracted from the potential experience.It is my pleasure to write that Driver: San Francisco is the spiritual successor of hotswapping, and it's improved and much more fun. Forget being an "Army of One," you are now playing as a "City of One...

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A rare gem in the Driver franchise 0

It has been a long time since I have played a Driver game. Not since the second game came out back on the first PlayStation. As I am sure most of you can attest, the franchise has not received any praise since those PS1 days. But now there is an installment that is creating some positive buzz. That game would be the latest, Driver: San Francisco. I did enjoy the crap out of the first two Driver games, and I felt the itch for a good driving game so I figured I would take this one for a test drive...

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Mending the Wounds 0

I didn’t buy Driv3r, but I have on pretty good authority that, that game is garbage, so when I heard about Driver: San Francisco I laughed...hard, after all, what hope could there possibly exist for a franchise that had been so thoroughly destroyed in its last big outing? So hanging on to my great memories of John Tanner’s adventures in Driver 2 I quickly dismissed Driver: SF, proving my idiocy. It took me watching the GB quick look to see that Driver: SF was not the same crap as Driv3r, but it ...

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Driver San Francisco Review 0

Developer: Ubisoft ReflectionsPublisher: UbisoftLet’s be honest. On paper, Driver San Francisco shouldn’t work. The premise is absolutely mad, and the last iteration displayed serious fatigue even when it was released. Making things worse, since the release of Driver 3 the genre has taken leaps and bounds in terms of progress, with only a select few driving titles making their mark. With the realities of the modern gaming market seemingly stacked against it, it is perhaps more than a little surp...

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Driver: Quantum Leap... or maybe Driver: Life on Mars 0

Recently I finished Driver: San Francisco's story mode. I had been itching to play through it and I wasn't disappointed, I really liked the game.I was a little sceptical of the game at first. This was mostly because the last Driver game I played, Driver 3 or Driv3r to give it it's proper name, was absolute spanners but also because of the "You can totally just jump into another car" dynamic that was talked about so much pre-release. Having seen some play through videos on the internet, spoken to...

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Wake up! 0

When it was announced that the next Driver game was to take place back in San Francisco I couldn’t help but think of how great the original Driver was when it was released. I remember spending hours exploring conveniently placed alleyways, littered with boxes and trash and then plowing through them, feeling like a boss and playing film director with one of the coolest features I remember from any game at the time. It was really hard not to expect the same experience from the next installment in ...

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