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    Character from Commandos franchise.

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    Vital Statistics

    Title: The Driver
    Place of Birth: Brooklyn 
    Country: USA 
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 183lbs. 
    Special Abilities: Operating any land vehicles, expert in machine guns and molotov cocktails.


    1934-37: Car mechanic by day, thief by night
    1937: Leaves for England, fleeing a prison sentence
    1938: Sought by American authorities, enlists in the British Army
    1938-40: Collaborates with the Foreign Office in testing vehicles and arms stolen from the enemy
    1941: Meets Paddy Maine, who recruits him for the Commandos

    Military Record

    Tamet Airfield: 

    Together with the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG), after destroying eight German fighters with his jeep's machine gun and with no ammunition left, the Driver eliminated four more by smashing his vehicle into them. He suffered severe burns.

    Oran Beach:

     Decorated for holding off a company of Italian regulars in a captured German tank, enabling the extraction of a squad of collaborators.

    Additional Info

    Mistrustful; relates poorly to teammates.
    Long criminal career in the USA (Car theft, armed robbery, and so on).
    Wide knowlegde of mechanics; can drive and repair any land vehicle.
    During time in the Foreign Office, acquired skill in handling all types of arms.
    Loves to gamble and smoke cigars.
    Fluent in Spanish.    

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