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    Drizzt Do'Urden

    Character » appears in 9 games

    This popular fantasy character makes his way into a few Forgotten Realms games as a welcomed fan service.

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    Drizzt Do'Urden is a dark elf born in 1297 DR in Menzoberranzan, a city in the Underdark. He is the third son of Matron Mother of House Do'Urden; Matron Malice Do'Urden.  Originally he was to be given as a sacrifice to the spider queen Lolth as is the custom of being the third living male of a house of a Drow family. Fortunately, he was spared when his oldest brother, Nalfein, died at the hands of his second oldest brother, Dinin, in the midst of a raid against the rival house DeVir.

    Drizzt's father Zaknafein, a weapon master known for his combat prowess, trained Drizzt in the ways of combat. Unlike other Drows, Zaknafein secretely hated Dark Elf Society and was very moral and compassionate for his race. Drizzt and his father spent years in training and bonding due to Drizzt sharing the same morals as his father.

    As a trial for his academy, Melee Magthere, Drizzt and his fellow students were forced to journey to the surface world and kill their distant cousins the wood elves. Drizzt, unable to kill a group of innocent wood elves, smears blood on a young wood elf girl and tells her to stay down and not move. The Spider Queen Lolth becomes very displeased with this and tells House Do'Urden that they will be defeated during an upcoming raid from house Hunnet. In response, Matron Malice sends word to capture her son Drizzt and offer him as a sacrifice to the spider queen. Zaknafein steps in to save his son and sacrifices himself to appease the spider queen.

    Learning this, Drizzt decides to flee Menzoberranzan with a magical statue of a panther he acquired from the Faceless One. He reaches an underground Gnome city where he lives for a few years, until he heads for the surface world.

    Once on the surface world he meets a man named Montolio Debrouchee who teaches Drizzt about the ways of the rangers. Drizzt then realizes that he has been following the principles of a ranger all along and makes Mielikki his patron Goddess. After Montolio passes away from old age, Drizzt ventures out to look for another new home. Ending up in Icewind Dale where he befriends Bruenor the Dwarf , Wulfgar the barbarian, and Cattie-brie, the adopted human daughter of Bruenor.

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