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    Rotate dials to create paths for the Droplitz.

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    Droplitz is played on 9 boards of increasing size and are formed out of many circular dials that can be manipulated. These dials can each contain one out of 5 different shapes of pipe that the player can spin either clockwise or counter-clockwise to create a path from the Droppers at the top of the board, all the way to the Catchers at the base.

    At set intervals, the Droppers situated at the top of the board will spin but every time a full revolution is completed will send a Droplit out onto the board. There are a limited amount of Droplitz that can be in reserve at any time and these Droplitz will disappear if they come to a dead end. Although, as the Droplitz make their way down the board, they can split in two at the crossroads of an X or Y shaped dial allowing the amount of reserves available to increase after capturing Droplitz.

    Whenever a path is completed from one of the Droppers at the top to a Droplit Catcher at the bottom, that path turns yellow. This indicates that the dials within that path are no longer capable of being turned as well as forming a special purple Droplit that will make its way down that path. Points are now awarded for every regular Droplit that reaches a Catcher at the base and there is also a Full House bonus for creating paths that incorporate every Dropper and Catcher on the board. As long as there is a purple Droplit on the board, the player can continue to form as many paths as possible to increase the combo.

    Game Types

    There are 4 game types in Droplitz:

    • Classic - The only mode unlocked at the outset of the game involves everything described above on one of the 9 boards, each with a different size and soundtrack associated.
    • Zendurance Challenge - The same as Classic but trying to see how long the player can last.
    • Power Up - Once again, all the same rules as before except there are a few power Ups which are acquired by catching special colored Droplitz. These Power Ups include a bomb which can destroy a section of the board if there was some unlucky placement of dials or an item that can slow down or freeze the board allowing extra time to create paths.
    • Infection - In this game type, certain dials will become infected making them take longer to spin and if these pieces are left unchecked will spread to adjacent dials. The only way to dispose of these pieces is to create a path incorporating it.

    Minimum Requirements

    • Operating system: Windows XP/Vista
    • Processor: 1.0GHz or better CPU
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Video Card: Directx 9.0c compatible card (they say 256MB are needed but it worked just fine on a crappy laptop)
    • Hard disk space: About 450 MB of hard disk space (Steam Version)

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