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    Rotate dials to create paths for the Droplitz.

    dragonbloodthirsty's Droplitz (PC) review

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    A Comfortable Puzzle

    Droplitz was a game I quite enjoyed as I played it, although it's not one I spend a lot of time playing.  It's a game where you rotate pieces and try to make paths to send your Droplitz from one end to the other.  

    I think the basic, simple gameplay is where this game shines best.  It has a sort of Zen appeal to it, and that shows best with the Zendurance challenge mode.  I also liked the Classic mode, and the Power Up mode was a different flavor but still good.  The only game mode that I didn't especially like was the Infection mode, where your tiles get gummed up with "plague", slowing your ability to play the game well.  I still think that the other three game modes are worthwhile, and are enough without Infection.

    One of the things that's very appealing about this game is the music.  All of it has a mellow vibe, and is very relaxing.  One of the things I liked about the Zendurance challenge in particular was that the color theme (and thus the music) never changes, so you can load up the song you like and just trance out.

    The only thing that's not appealing about this game is that it can feel repetitive if you play it a lot.  I played for several hours when I first bought it, but I enjoy this game best when I load it up for a couple quick games and then give it a rest again.  I often prefer more intense games, but once in a while something relaxing is good.

    I'd recommend this game most strongly to fans of Tetris or Bejeweled.  The gameplay is different from those games, but I think the root enjoyment of the game is similar.  The title isn't action packed, and I didn't feel that there were "hours upon hours" of gameplay, but I felt it was reasonably priced for the experience and I did enjoy it.

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