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Dropship: UPF is set in a near future where war has broken out. The player flies aircraft to complete objective such as destroying enemy aircraft, destroying ground bases, and observing enemy activity on the ground.


There are many different types of vehicle that the player can make use of. As well as there being a range of aircraft available, there are also a selection of ground based vehicles.


There are two main types of aircraft - transport ships and fighter planes. Transport ships are often used to fly ground based units nearer to where the combat is taking place. These types of aircraft are usually slower and less agile and cannot carry as much ammunition. However, to compensate for these drawbacks, transport class planes are generally tougher and can take more damage. The other main variety of aircraft is fighter planes. These ships are practically the opposite of the transport ships. They are much faster and can pull off more spectacular stunts, but cannot take nearly as many hits before being destroyed. They cannot carry any cargo.
CPU controlled helicopters can be engaged by the player
CPU controlled helicopters can be engaged by the player

Ground Vehicles

At various stages of the single player campaign, the player will be required to drive ground based vehicles, such as fast buggies or slower but more robust APV's. Many of the ground vehicles have gun turrets on them and the CPU often uses these guns whilst the player drives. At certain stages, the player can also use these weapons.


When the player is required to land planes (for example to deliver or retrieve equipment or troops), a hover engine can be used. If the player desires, an autopilot can also land the plane fairly accurately using the hover engines.

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