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A game designed to improve the mental ability of young children.


There are various activities within the game, these include:

  • Read the Clock - Players must set the correct time on various on-screen clocks.
  • Shape Recognition - Players are tasked with Memorizing the large shape that is shown in the lower half of the screen.
  • Clicking Digit - Players must locate the lowest digit that is presented on the screen.
  • Rebuilding Pictures - Players must recreate an image that they are shown on screen.
  • Remember Me - A memory-type game.
  • Caclulate with the Clock - Players calculate the difference between two different times.
  • Adding squares - Players are tasked with adding two or three colored squares.
  • Find words - Players have to find a complete word in the rotating pool of letters.
  • Change money - Players calculate the amount of change they would receive in various money transactions.
  • Calculate rebate - Players have to determine the price after rebate is applied.
  • Scales - Players must balance a set of scales.

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