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The drudge is an enemy from Gears of War 3 on the side of the lambent in the three-way conflict. The drudge is an infected version a locust drone that is able to evolve and mutate in the midst of battle. Usually emerging from stalks, drudges act as normal enemies except they don't take cover, they have more health, and they sport a large glowing weak spot on their stomach; however, drudges cease to be normal when they mutate in the middle of a firefight by assuming one of two forms.

The first form causes the drudge to grow a snake-like appendage out of its head that acts as a flamethrower while two arm like appendages tipped with imulsion firing turrets grow from its sides. The second and last form takes away the drudge's mobility in exchange for the ability to produce deadly polyps. In the first form, the drudge develops weaknesses in the tips of all three appendages, while in his second form, the drudge keeps his only weakness, the weak point on it's stomach.

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