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    Dry Bones

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    Dry Bones are skeletal Koopa Troopas that have been reanimated through magical means. Their ability to reform after being knocked apart can make them quite troublesome.

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    Dry Bones is a Koopa-type enemy that appears in the Super Mario Bros series of games. They are the skeletal remains of Koopas that have been reanimated through magic. Since their inception, Dry Bones have been difficult to destroy; they can be broken with a stomp attack, but they will reassemble after a few seconds, similar to the Red Skeletons from the Castlevania series. Dry Bones can only be permanently destroyed by using specific powerups like a Starman, Super Mario Bros 3's Hammer Suit, or the Ice Flower from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

    Cameo Appearances

    Outside of the main Mario games, Dry Bones has made special appearances in the Mario Kart series.

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