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    Dryadalis is an Elphian city in Scarlet Shadow.

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    Dryadalis is one of the main city of the nation of Elphia, and the first city that can be explorated by the player. This city is used as an hiding place by the president of Elphia when his life is put in danger.

    Important Locations


    A shop for armors, weapons and farmacology

    The Clock Tower

    The Clock Tower is the main touristic attraction of this city. Despite being closed to the public, it still manages to attract a lot of tourists from around the world. Its secret purpose is to hide the president whenever his life is being threatened. However, this information was known by the Ether Animus, which sent their agent Camille to persuade the president to make a deal with them.

    The clock tower is composed of 5 floors and each of them are inhabited by ghosts called Igiuls and chest-shaped creatures known as Mimics. The second floor is a library that contains a lot of books from the age of division.


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