DSiWare first impressions/reviews here please

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OK I picked up my DSi last night.   We all get 1000 points to start with so lets spread some knowledge about the launch DSiWare titles please.

So far I picked up:

-Wario Ware Snapped
-Birds and Beans

Wario Ware seems pretty good, BUT WITH ONE MAIN CAVIAT:   You have to play this title sitting near a table, while resting your DSi on the table.  The lighting of the room and the color of the walls/curtains behind you also play a main role in how well the DSi cameras pick up your movements.   There are some good things to be done with this game (mainly lots of funny video of you acting like a complete idiot), but the fact that the game expects you to conform to these things is pretty crazy in my opinion.  Alas it is only $5, and me and my girlfriend have already gotten a couple laughs out of it.  If you dig the style of Wario Ware games you're prolly in good hands if you can find some time sitting at home in a well lit area.

Birds and Beans is just very so so in my opinion.  Granted it's only $2, so I guess you get what you pay for?  Basic premise here is very Space Invaders-esque.   You take control of this little bird and you have to eat these falling beans before they touch the ground.  The more beans you let slip past your tongue the more your movement will be inhibited, leaving you in more danger to get hit on the head with a bean.  You get hit once and its instant game over.  All in all theres not much here.  The game is also pretty difficult considering they set the high-score bar at 10000 points and the best i've done in my 3-4 attempts is like 5000-something.  I'ts maybe something I could stand to watch someone on youtube play really well, but for the most part my $2 is already exhausted with this title with the first days worth of play.  Might be a good idea to pass on this one guys.

So anyone else pick up some of the other titles?  Feed me trolls!  :-)


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I picked up bird and beans, a good time waster but not much else.

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