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    Dual Orb II

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 29, 1994

    A turn-based RPG released in 1994 in Japan on the Super Famicom. An Empire resurrects an ancient scientist that once threatened the stability of the world.

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    Dual Orb II is a turn-based RPG from I'Max and the sequel to their 1993 SFC game Dual Orb. The plot concerns an evil and technologically advanced Empire currently spreading across the world, and the hero Aleth and his adoptive brother Crown Prince Lagnus. Aleth and Lagnus tag along with the mysterious bard Cassius for an adventure, but after accidentally breaking a seal at an ancient temple events start to go downhill fast.

    The game uses a slanted perspective in its turn-based combat similar to Breath of Fire, except opponents are on the top-right and the player characters are on the bottom-left. It also uses Mode 7 for its world map traversal. The game was never officially translated into English, like its predecessor, but it did receive a fan translation.


    Two scientists have successfully lead the world into advanced science and technology. Their hunger for knowledge lead them to discover an orb containing infinite power. One scientist became consumed by greed and wanted to take over the world with the orb's power. The other scientist defeated him and the world was left in ruin, but humanity survived and continued to thrive. Years later, an empire manages to revive the evil scientist. Now that he has returned, the fate of humanity is left in the hands of a child born from the heavens.

    Playable characters

    • Aleth, unofficially a Paladin, who was found by the height priest of Garade during a journey to the castle. He was given the honor of being the next high priest when Lagnus is King of Garade. He and Lagnus grew up together and became best friends. He is raised by the current high priest of Garade and has the ability to use holy magic.
    • Lagnus, prince of Garade. An excellent spearman that desires for more power to defend his kingdom.
    • Cassius, a bard who's true secrets are revealed later in the game.
    • Serra, a Goddess that only possesses typical human magic powers and a rifle.
    • Saladin, a thief. A typical swordsman who eventually learns magic.
    • Najiri, a beast boy who only has one attack: a nail slash.
    • Karina, princess who has power over men, Saladin in particular. She has no magic abilities, but uses a Stab attack.
    • Bargan, captain of a pirate ship who helps players invade an enemy pirate hideout.


    Music for Dual Orb II was composed by Nobuyuki Hara and Yu Yoshida.



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