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    DualShock 3

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    The DualShock 3 is an updated wireless PlayStation 3 controller that incorporates rumble motors as well as motion-sensing SIXAXIS support.

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    The controller is a combination of technologies found in the DualShock 2 and the SIXAXIS controllers. It has the trigger-like L2 and R2 button modifications and motion sensors found on the SIXAXIS, and the rumble technologies similar to the DualShock 2's. It was unable to be released until over a year into the PlayStation 3's lifespan due to a lawsuit between the creators of the rumble technology, Immersion, and Sony over their use of rumble in their previous controllers. After an out-of-court settlement, the DualShock 3 was announced and subsequently released. The DualShock 3 is also heavier, due to the new motors, which addresses a complaint of many about the SIXAXIS being too light.

    The DualShock 3 is available in a number of different colors; black, blue, red, pink, silver, white, jungle green, and a baseball stitching pattern.

    To see a list of PlayStation 3 games that support the SIXAXIS tilt functionality, see the SIXAXIS Support concept page.


    • 2 analog sticks
    • Directional D-pad (pressure sensitive)
    • 3 digital buttons
    • 8 pressure sensitive buttons
    • 2 analog triggers
    • Motion sensing around six axes


    The DualShock 3 controller is capable of communicating with a PS3 console via a tethered USB 2.0 connection, or wirelessly using Bluetooth.

    Color Variations

    Standard Colors

    Standard colors can be found bundled with standard consoles or for sale on their own.

    • Charcoal Black
    • Ceramic White
    • Deep Red
    • Metallic Blue
    • Metallic Gold
    • Metallic Grey
    • Satin Silver - lighter-colored, less texture than Metallic Grey
    • Urban Camouflage
    • Jungle Green - olive-green front shell, black back shell
    • Candy Pink
    • Candy Blue

    Game-specific Variants

    Game-specific variants can be found bundled with game-themed consoles, bundled with the games themselves, or (rarely) for sale on their own

    • Gunmetal Grey

    Bundled with the MGS4 edition PS3 console. Available in Japan and Western markets. Deep gray-olive, distinct from other grey/silver controllers.

    • Uncharted 3 Special

    Bundled with Uncharted 3 in Japan. Yellow/Brown color scheme with printed patterns.

    • Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Edition

    Bundled with Final Fantasy XIII in Japan. White controller with pink Lightning-themed printed pattern.

    • Lightning Returns Special

    Bundled with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII in Japan. Sold on its own elsewhere. Black controller with printed patterns.

    • MLB 11 The Show Edition

    Bundled with MLB 11 The Show in Western markets. White controller with 'baseball' printed patterns.

    • Tales Of Xillia 2 Special

    Bundled with Tales Of Xillia 2 in Japan. Black controller with printed patterns.

    • God Of War Ascension Special

    Bundled with God Of War Ascension in Japan and Western markets, available on its own in European markets. Yellow controller with printed patterns.

    Translucent Variants

    Translucent variants feature tinted see-through plastic, exposing the internals.

    • Crimson Red

    Available in most markets. Target-exclusive in the US.

    • Cosmic Blue

    Available in most markets. Bundled with Infamous 2 in EU markets.

    • Slate Grey

    Available in most markets.

    • Crystal / Clear


    Firmware Requirements

    PlayStation 3: version 1.94 or higher

    PlayStation or PlayStation 2: version 2.00 or higher


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