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215359 Davey Accessory Overview Changed 2-point [...] touchpad to 3-point. There's left, right and top. 12/18/15 05:45AM 1 Approved
137484 AMyggen Accessory Overview 09/22/14 03:24PM 1 Approved
118640 JHebbel Accessory Overview adds information on how to make the device more usable on Windows PCs 06/29/14 03:41PM 25 Approved
65605 Vorsic Accessory Overview I edited the compatibility section a bit because the controller does work over bluetooth on the pc. 10/28/13 07:20AM 10 Approved
65432 StrayConfusion Accessory Overview Added the Compatibility section, and made minor edits to the rest of the text. 10/26/13 10:18PM 45 Approved
46058 Lalander Accessory Overview Changed the name of the camera to PlayStation®Camera 07/30/13 09:18AM 1 Approved
8323 Lord_Xp Accessory Overview Dualshock 4 was code named "Jedai" 02/24/13 03:27PM 1 Denied
7425 Reisz Accessory Overview 02/22/13 01:14PM 4 Approved
7075 KamasamaK Accessory Overview 02/21/13 06:45PM 23 Approved
6606 Reisz Accessory Overview I used as a source for this information. 02/20/13 09:12PM 134 Approved
6553 Marino Accessory Overview 02/20/13 07:08PM 7 Approved
6494 ozone Accessory Overview PS4 controller just announced. 02/20/13 05:43PM 10 Approved

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