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A very enjoyable game 0

Duck Hunt impressed me alot when I first saw, the fact that you could use a gun shaped controller to point to the screen and pretend like you were shooting in the game. That was awesome! But the game itself was very simple, it was really fun to play for short periods of time. And Duck Hunt has a unique look to it, everybody remembers the look of the game, with the dog that laughed at you. Really decent for the time...

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Duck, you sucker. 0

Okay, let's get this over with. It's kind of hard to review a game like this in 100 words, so let's just cut to the chase so we can get to what everyone really wants to hear. So, Duck Hunt: you shoot ducks. The end.Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about that dog. Is there anyone out there who HASN'T fantasized about unloading an entire clip of armor-piercing bullets into that smug little face of his? They should make a sequel called Duck Hunt 2: Doggie Season, where you're chasing that...

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Game is okay. No one likes the dog. 0

Most people who played Duck Hunt likely did so because it came as a pack-in title along with Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was created as a showcase for the Zapper, the console’s light gun peripheral. You are an unnamed hunter who is out for a day of duck hunting with your less than faithful dog companion. He’ll help you out by jumping in the bushes to flush the ducks out, but enjoys laughing at you when you miss. The dog’s taunting made him the first game char...

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Dunk Hunt is a very enjoyable game 0

Dunk Hunt is a light gun game that utilizes that piece of hardware, and is a solid package. You pop in the cart, then point your gun at the screen and wait for duck to start flying in the open. Your main goal is to hit as much ducks flying by as you can, to get the highest score. This concept is actually made fun, and the enjoyable can last for hours, especially with a friend by your side, as well as two light guns.  The control for Duck Hunt is fairly explanatory and takes no time to learn. You...

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