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Ducks in Space is a game for the PC. It was released November 1st, 2019 on Steam. It is a single player platformer with powerups, 40 levels, and gravity dependent on the level. It features Steam achievements, cloud saves, and controller support.


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The player plays as Captain Quackers, using his laser gun to destroy wooden objects and shoot enemies. Using powerups, brick objects and enemy shields can also be destroyed. How high Captain Quackers can jump depends on the gravity of the current level.

Every level has 3 stars that can be obtained by beating the level, defeating all of the enemies, and collecting all of the coins. Diamonds are worth 50 coins, and are usually difficult to obtain.


Ducks in Space has 5 powerups which have 1 to 3 charges.

Laser Cannon

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The laser cannon shoots a beam across the screen and is not stopped by any objects or enemy shields. It can destroy brick in addition to wood.


Bread allows Captain Quackers to take 2 hits before dying.


A shield will protect Captain Quackers from enemy laser shots, but will not save him from running into enemies or falling down holes.


The scattershot shoots 5 shots at once at various angles, which is the only way to fire at an angle.

Air Strike

The air strike powerup will display dotted red lines showing the air strike's path, and will destroy brick and enemy shields like the laser cannon.


The overworld from which players choose a level to play has forks where the player can choose between two levels. The top path is numbered like most levels, while the bottom path has letters instead. The bottom path is generally more difficult.


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