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I just got Ducktales Remastered and played it for a few hours. I'm playing on Hard mode with Hard Pogo turned on.

I think Jeff did a little bit of a disservice to this game during the quicklook so I just wanted to clarify a few things.

Jeff said the voice acting is bad. That's a matter of opinion, but I feel pretty confident after playing most of the stages that the entire voice cast is the cast from the show. I feel like they sound spot on, and it really adds a lot to the game. It is true that Scrooge is speaking alittle bit more slowly than normal, and more slowly than I'd like, but it sounds like maybe he's (the voice actor) just 20 years older than he used to be and thusly it comes across in the voice. Also, I think the voice acting seems more slow due to the text at the bottom of the screen. When I ignore the text, it doesn't seem quite so slow. Still, it can't be glossed over that this IS indeed annoying. One should never be forced to listen to voice over. especially if text is present.

Jeff said you can't skip the cut-scenes. This is not true, as he seems to find out later in the quicklook.

Jeff comments on the gameplay not holding up, and Brad comments on wanting more than just 5 stages for the money. This is, again, a matter of opinion, but I absolutely think THE way to play this game is on hard mode. I played for 2 hours or so and never beat a stage. But that's the way the game is MEANT to play. The reason they gave you that level select option at the beginning of the game is because you were meant to swap between stages, taking a crack at each of them until you finally took one down.

In the end, I just wanted to give this game another voice behind it saying it's awesome and that you should go play it.

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Pretty sure the voice actors are a minimum of 70 years old. I heard the VA for Scrooge is 97 years old at this point, so for his age I'd say he's doing a damn good job.

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If hard mode turns it into a Mega Man sort of challenge, where you pop in and out of levels as you develop your skills, then awesome. I'll dive into this after The Last of Us. Because I like extremes!

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@jazgalaxy: You should listen to them discussing it in the bombcast today.

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@jazgalaxy: You should listen to them discussing it in the bombcast today.

It was a really interesting, rational dissection of the whole thing.

With that being said, I burned through three levels today and I love it. Gameplay is tight, the art is great, and I think the voices are charming. I'll agree that hard is a good choice. Getting down to your last life on bosses is as intense as the best old games.

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That final level and it's endless chains can go fuck itself.

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The only thing you've clarified is the fact that opinions exist, which really didn't need clarifying at all.

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